Information Overview


  • Download the A Tree of Me App on all your devices! Both Apple and Google Play support the A Tree of Me App.
  • Simple sign up– email verification will be required. Choose your login to be remembered to make signing back in easy.
  • If you forget your password, you can recover it from the recover password section when you login to the app.

A TREE OF ME – Things to Know

  • Easily recognizable icons at the top and bottom of each screen allow you to navigate easily.
  • The four Icons on the header add to My Album – a photo, a video, an audio recording, or a plus sign (+) (Which adds other items, such as documents, stored on your device).
  • On the bottom of the screen are icons to take you to alternative pages – My Feed, My Tree, My Albums, Connections and More (a list of other pages available to you).
  • The initial memory for is set at 500 MB. That’s a lot of pictures!
  • Explore all the possibilities of family networking with our app! Keep track of your family memories using our Family Tree builder function (My Tree).


  • This is the area where you see all incoming memories from connected family and friends.
  • You may also see your memories (or not) – you choose. Go to the More section and choose settings) to turn this feature on or off.
  • Tapping on an item in your feed will open it up to view.
  • To hide an item that appears in your newsfeed, swipe right. Swipe the newsfeed item to the left to add more photos, videos sound recordings or documents to that individual memory. (If you would like to add a picture, video etc. to an album on your app click on add) Also, swipe left to view or playback the specific memory without adding anything to it.
  • When you begin swiping to hide/view/add to a specific entry in your newsfeed, the number of items appearing in the lower left-hand corner resets. This number also resets when you refresh your newsfeed.
  • The My Feed icon on the lower left-hand corner of each screen takes you to your newsfeed. The number that displays on this icon tells you how many new/updated items are in your newsfeed.
  • To refresh the items in your newsfeed, tap on the circular arrow icon at the top of your newsfeed.
  • Here’s more information on how to interpret and respond to each entry in your newsfeed:
    • When one of the entries has an extra (orange) line surrounding it, someone updated that item by adding a new memory to it.
    • The title of each entry contains the name of your connection that posted the entry and the type of media memory they are sharing (photo, video, voice, document)
    • The first few words describing the entry are included, along with the date and time (local to your device) that the entry was created
    • Happy face icons express happiness, delight, approval, and joy. Broken heart icons express sadness, grief, comfort, and sympathy.
    • To react to a specific entry, tap on the dark happy face (green) or the broken heart (red) to the right of the entry description.
    • The happy face and broken heart icons that appear in the lower left-hand corner of each entry display the current number of reactions from those who have viewed the memory. When no one reacts to an item, the happy face/broken heart will appear pale (yellow). Once there is at least one reaction, the icons will change color (to the same colors as the icons at the right of the description), and the number of reactions will appear next to each icon.
    • You can view who has reacted using a happy face or broken heart by tapping on these icons.
    • The number of comments appears in the lower right-hand corner of each entry. To add a comment, tap the number of comments that are displayed, and a comment box opens up. Enter a comment, just as you would send a text—You have full access to your device’s keyboard, including emoticons. Then tap the “+” sign to add the comment to the particular memory. To edit your comment after posting it, swipe left. When you’re finished editing your comment, touch the check mark. You can remove your comment by swiping right.


  • This section is divided into two different sections – Family and Friends.
  • Build your tree (My Tree) by adding members or accepting connection requests.
  • Add a new member to your tree (My Tree) by clicking on the icon on the far bottom right of the screen that looks like a person.
  • When adding a person with a similar name to one you currently have on your tree, a pop up a list of names will appear to help you choose the correct one.
  • Collapse the Family Tree (My Tree)  by hitting the – sign, and fully open your tree by hitting the + sign.
  • When adding any member to your tree (My Tree), the following convention of order is followed: Parent, Sibling, Spouse, Partner, Ex-partner, Child, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Friend, and Other.
  • Add as many family members and friends as you choose – You will only be able to share items between yourselves when you are connected.
  • View your connection’s profile and their public albums by clicking on the “i” on the right side of their name.
  • The Pencil Icon on the bottom right (next to the Person Icon) allows you to move a connection up or down in your tree. It also allows you to delete a connection.
  • The Uncategorized section is a general catch-all for members of the app you have connected with. This way, you’re able to add new connections quickly and come back later to organize on your tree. (My Tree)


  • Create as many Albums as you choose and name them as you wish. Fill your Albums to store media memories.
  • Explore the many ways to add Memories and/or create Albums. Play around with the app and use the method you prefer.
  • Open up a new album by using the Create Album tab at the top of page or the Plus Sign (+) on the My Memories page found under the More at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Add a memory by clicking on the Plus Sign (+) at the top right of the page or by clicking on any of the media icons at the top of every page.
  • The My Albums section is the heart of the app. This is area contains your memories of special trips, meals, times spent with family and friends, and everything special to you.
  • The My Albums section is where your life’s story unfolds. Tell your story, your way.
  • Store as many memories as you wish. View your storage allotment and your storage used under the Subscription section within the More tab. The app will alert you when your storage is running low.
  • The contents of each Album are arranged by media type and always follow the same pattern to easily sort through each album.
  • Four types of media can be stored within each Album: photos, videos, audio recordings, and files from your device.
  • Add multiple items to a single memory by continuing to add without clicking the Submit button until all desired items have been added.
  • Change any album to “Private” (for your eyes only) or “Public” (viewed by any of your connections) by clicking on a particular Album and choosing Edit.

CONNECTSend connection requests to anyone that you add as a Family Member or Friend to your Tree. Be sure to add their email or you will not be able to connect.

  • Touch the Connect icon on the bottom menu to search the app for members. Add new members, view available connection requests, and view pending connection requests that you have sent out in the Connect section.
  • Search the app for people to see if they are already members under Search Members. If you find someone that you want to connect with, touch on their name and it will open their profile. Simply click on Add Member and complete the form to add this person to the Family or Friend section of your Tree.
  • To add someone as a new member, click on Add New Member. Then follow the form to add as either a family or friend to your Tree.
  • Connection Requests and Pending Connections will also be found under the Connect Icon.
  • Any pending member requests will be listed in the Connect section. To accept a connection request, touch the green thumbs-up icon. To reject a connection request, touch the red thumbs-down icon. It’s that simple!
  • Anyone that subscribes to the app can send you a connection request. This is your PRIVATE app—When you don’t know someone who requests to connect with you, feel free to deny the request or wait until you can determine how you know them. The request will stay in your connection request section until you accept or deny.
  • Send connection requests to your friends and family without hunting for their email addresses. It’s easy to send invitations to loved ones–Use YOUR ADDRESS BOOK! Go to the Address Book tab and then touch the Load Contacts button. After allowing the A Tree of Me App to access your address book, the app automatically displays the entries in your address book that are already members of the site. The Invitation tab displays those you can invite by selecting a checkbox. There’s no limit to the number of connections you can add!

More Pages Section—This section is labeled More (with three elliptical dots) in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Within it, you’ll find: My Memories

  • This section of the app contains all your saved memories cataloged by year, month, and day.


  • This is your personal profile.
  • Add a profile photo using the app’s camera function or by choosing a photo from your camera roll.
  • Add as much info as you wish. The more, the better.
  • Including where you lived in the past—This is a wonderful way for others to determine how they know you. You.


  • Manage who can see your profile.
  • Manage whether to see your own posts in your Feed.
  • Decide whether to view captions.
  • Follow new connections or not.
  • The Settings section is where the Logout button lives—You remain logged in to the app until you choose to logout.


  • View your current storage usage.
  • Change your subscription level to increase your storage.

App Information Overview

  • Shows a comprehensive overview of how to use the A Tree of Me app

Q & A

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Enjoy sharing memories and family networking with the A Tree of Me App!