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Why We Developed an App for Capturing Moments on a Private Platform

Photo shows AncesTree LIVE founders, Todd and Nancy

A Tree of Me is the brainchild of Todd and Nancy Thompson who have over 17 years of experience developing video-enhanced websites. In the past, the technology for their websites was always ahead of its time. Users didn’t have suitable webcams or built-in cameras in mobile devices to easily record video resumes and bios. There was no easy way for those receiving the videos to open them on demand—Email programs couldn’t send or receive the large videos as attachments. Now, the time is right. After years of development, the technology catches up to their simple vision: To provide a chance for you to tell your story and leave it for those important in your life to hear, see, and experience unfolding in front of their eyes. No more digging through piles of old photos and slides, looking for scrapbooks, and sifting through drawers of documents and assorted knick-knacks. Todd’s brother’s son passed away from an opioid overdose, and his family was left to piece together his story for him. Todd never wants to revisit this emotionally draining task again. With the A Tree of Me app, no one has to. Todd and Nancy recognize that you can choose to use other social media apps and websites for sharing and capturing moments, but are they private? Do they promise to never share your data? Are they devoid of product and political ads? This is how they made A Tree of Me different: They guarantee to NEVER sell your data to anyone and NEVER bombard you with advertisements. Period. Todd and Nancy wanted to ensure their memory-sharing app was worry-free.

They made this app easy-to-use for those of any age. You determine what you want to share and who gets to experience your precious memories, with all the great interactive capabilities that come with those other social networks. React to info in your newsfeed with a comment, a smile or show sympathy with a broken heart, and your favorite emoticons. But know that your reactions are only shared with your family and friends. And as you connect to share memories, you can complete your family tree to keep track of life stories, without the worry of unknown people seeing what you share. Todd and Nancy also made their app free to join! Import images and videos from your Gallery on your iPhone or iPad, or take new photos and videos through the app. Then connect and share with only your close friends and family members. It’s that easy. Imagine the depth of emotion your friends and loved ones will feel about getting to know you. By including a combination of videos, photos, and documents in your A Tree of Me profile, you can finally share the true essence of who you are. A Tree of Me provides far more than other social media websites and apps, because it captures and saves real moments privately. It provides meaning to your life.

“As family and friends pass on, we wished they had videos or photos to remember them by. Now everyone can tell their own life stories and make them available for viewing privately, just between their chosen friends and loved ones, whenever they please.”—Todd Thompson, Founder of A Tree of Me.

Begin Telling Your Story.

Discover stories about friends and loved ones that lend meaning to your life. Leave a legacy filled with heartfelt expression. Begin capturing moments for generations to come.

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